M.D.S Periodontics
Being a specialization in the postgraduate programme of Dental Surgery (MDS), Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the diseases related to the tooth supporting parts or structures. In other words, the MDS in Periodontics is an emerging specialization in dentistry which involves diseases and treatment procedures of periodontium including gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. Along with this, the branch of periodontics also deals with the placement, affecting conditions, treatment and maintenance of dental implants and peri-implantitis. Thus, a periodontist has particularly been specialized in the preclusion, analysis, and treatment of periodontal diseases and dental implants. Apart from this, they have been imbued with perfection in the application of latest diagnostic and treatment techniques of cosmetic periodontal treatments and oral inflammation. All of the severe tooth supporting treatments such as scaling, root planning, gum surgical procedures, Gum Grafting Procedures, Crown Lengthening, Guided Tissue Bone Regeneration, Sinus Lift, Bone Grafting, Osseous Surgery, Ridge Expansion & Preservation, and root surface debridement have been a role job of a periodontist. Thus, the three years programme of MDS in Periodontics is a multifaceted course that sprouts expertise in dealing with much problematic periodontal cases having complex medical history.

To saturate scientific knowledge for the attainment of perfection concerned with clinical periodontics and implant dentistry, Desh Bhagat Dental College, Muktsar has adopted an internationally scrutinized curriculum enriched with highly experienced and meticulous faculty for the department of Periodontics. The theoretical and practical combination of periodontal knowledge and skills equips the enthusiastic aspirants with proficient capabilities of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the supporting and surrounding substitutes of the teeth such as gums, cementum, periodontal membranes and alveolar bone, replacement of lost teeth and their supporting structures by grafting or implanting artificial or natural materials and the health and proper functioning of these structures and tissues. Apart from this, the curriculum focuses on enriching the students with various measures and techniques to prevent the occurrence of a disease and further damage caused by prevalent infection. The students are also equipped with pre-clinical and clinical excellence through various relevant activities and students’ exposure at Dental OPD of the college and advanced laboratories. Various seminars, conferences and guest lectures are organized by the department to inculcate a rich interface between the students and renowned personalities of the concerned branch.
Duration of course
3 Years
Number of seats


To emerge as a premier dental institute in building and furthering oral care and hygiene, empowering students through unequaled learning environment that will apt for betterment of society.


  1. Establishing holistic and unique work culture in alleviating patient oral sufferings
  2. Bestowing exceptional and effective oral health care survives.
  3. Paradigm shift in community regarding oral hygiene through proper cognizance.
  4. Fostering global skills by inculcating value system among learners

Program outcome

  1. Oral health knowledge:- oral health is essential to instill appropriate oral health behaviour to prevent oral diseases.
  2. Patient Problem identification:-Accurate patient problem identification is a key step in all clinical procedures.
  3. Development of solution:-Solutions development is the process of determining the best way of satisfying patients requirements.
  4. Conduct investigation of complex problems:-Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions..
  5. Use of modern technology:-use of technology in the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes during patient procedures and research work.
  6. Dentist and society relationship:-the patient-dentist relationship is a delicate partnership that forms the core of dentistry. A new governing body consisting of young dentists and older more experienced dentists will establish a proper system of professional standards and care for patients.
  7. Environment and sustainability:-Environmental sustainability is a responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources and allow for long-term environmental quality.
  8. Ethics and responsibilities:-the dental profession holds a special position of trust within society. There are five fundamental principles that form the foundation of the ADA Code: patient autonomy, non maleficence, beneficence, justice and veracity.
  9. Dentist role:-Dentists diagnose and treat dental issues and help patients develop better oral hygiene regimens. They clean teeth, correct bite issues, perform surgeries and extractions, and perform other duties to ensure that the teeth and mouth are healthy.
  10. Communication with the patients:-Introduce yourself and explain your role in your patient's care. Review their medical record and ask basic get-to-know-you questions. Establish a rapport. Make eye contact when appropriate and help your patient feel comfortable with you.
  11. Functionality of dentistry and management principles:Anydental professional can encounter an emergency during the course of their treatment. Basic principles of management of medical emergencies
  12. Life long learning:- it is the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated" pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, as well as competitiveness and employability.



At the completion of the postgraduate training programme the postgraduates shall be cometents in the following

PSO-1 To work on group or individually to develop  written and oral presentations skill for scientific  presentations in national and international conferences.

PSO-2 To engage students in independents and lifelong learning in the context of dental treatment advancements

PSO-2 to apply latest technology and skills to treat the oral disease

PSO-3 to conduct a research project in the field of masters in dental surgery.


Subject: PERIODONTOLOGY       

Subject code: PER101

Course Outcome-

A specialist in Periodontology under its scope can provide different levels of treatment modalities and healthcare services to the community as a whole. One can perform and even supervise general dentist in pocket surgical therapies, regenerative surgical procedures. Being an oral implantologist also, one can successfully perform the implant surgical procedures where required. Esthetic and plastic surgical procedures also fall under its forte.


On completion of the programme the students will be able to:

CO-1 Take a proper clinical history, thorough examination of intra oral, extra oral, medical history evaluation, advice essential diagnostic procedures and interpret them to come to a reasonable diagnosis.

CO-2 Perform both non-surgical & education regarding periodontal disease, maintenance after the treatment • Perform both non-surgical and surgical procedures independently.

CO-3 Provide Basic Life Support Service (BLS) recognizes the need for advance life support and does the immediate need for that.



Subject code: PCB101

Course Outcome-

The dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes


On Completion of the programme the students will be able to:

CO1 Establishing holistic and unique work culture alleviating patient oral sufferings.

CO2 Bestowing exceptional and effective oral health care services.

CO3 Training professionals by delivering quality education to meet local and national need.



Subject code: ODO101 

Course Outcome-

The dental specialty of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of the teeth and dental arches: the maxilla and the mandible. The practice of the specialty includes diagnosis, prevention, interception and correction of malocclusion and other abnormalities of the developing and mature orofacial structures.

At the end of the program, post-graduates will be able to...

CO1: Apply the Knowledge of basic medical sciences relevant to the practice of Orthodontics.

CO2: Diagnose the abnormal growth and development patterns of Dento-facial skeletal and soft tissue structures along with their etiology and pathophysiology. 

CO3: Evaluate the need for orthodontic treatment and .study treatments using fixed, functional and removable appliances.



Subject code: CDE-101

Course outcome:

Conservative Dentistry is concerned with the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries that originate in the teeth. In this type of medication, diseased or fractured teeth are restored with materials that are biologically acceptable. Endodontics is the science of prevention and treatment of pulp and periradicular diseases.

At the end of program, post graduates will be able to:

CO1: Students would be able to demonstrate understanding of basic sciences as relevant to conservative / restorative dentistry and Endodontics

CO2: Students would demonstrate infection control measures in the dental clinical environment and laboratories.

CO3: Students would be able to describe aeitology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management ofcommon restorative situations, thatwill include contemporary management of dental caries, non-carious lesions andhypersensitivity

CO4: Students would diagnose , plan and execute challenging clinical cases requiring comprehensive management strategies using contemporary materials and techniques in the specialty of conservative dentistry and endodontics

CO5: Students would be able to master differential diagnosis and recognize conditions that may require multidisciplinary approach or a clinical situation outside the realm of the specialty, which he or she should be able to recognize and refer to appropriate specialist.


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Health Ministry Grants Mds Programme In Three More Specialties To Dbdc, Sri Mukatsar Sahib Namely Conservative Dentistry And Endodontic, Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics And Prosthodontics- Crown & Bridge To Meet The Dental Education Needs In Punjab.

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