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Desh Bhagat University is a place where environmentally responsible practice and education go hand in hand providing a clean, green and a pollution free environment as a pristine backdrop for an effective learning experience. We have therefore left no stone unturned in the development of a green ecosystem to provide enrichment to the mind, heart and soul of the students.

All the avenues and roads within the University campus are therefore adorned with tall trees bearing emerald green leaves and beautiful flowers to create a homogenous feeling amongst everyone within the campus.

At its best, it is a model environmental community where operational functions, business practices, academic programs, and people are inter-linked, providing educational and practical value to the institution, the region, and the world.

Trees that breathe oxygen are planted to create Oxygen points in the University Campus. The organic products such as pulses, fruits and vegetables are grown for usage in the canteens and the hostel mess.

Water treatment plants are installed to recycle the waste water generated in the campus. The treated water is being supplied to the toilets and the garden areas.

All the campus buildings have been made compatible for rain water harvesting. By enforcing the Prime Minister’s “Swachh Bharat Mission”, students are educated about community cleanliness and make them keep their immediate neighborhood clean.
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