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College of Computer Applications - Desh Bhagat University

Vision & Mission


    To be recognized as a Centre of Excellence in the country that is capable of transforming learners of Computer Science to Professionals working for the upliftment of computing technology, society and the world as a whole through their life-long learning experiences by providing value based, exceptional learning environment for education, research and training in Computer Science and Applications.


  • To develop the creativity of problem solving through computer science in the learners through our continuously improving academic environment and excellent computing infrastructure.

  • To provide value based education and training through high impact teaching that inculcate excellent basics, sound practical knowledge of automating various kinds of systems through effective programming skills.

  • To develop the youth into professionals who can work in team, possess high analytical abilities, and help in solving complex problems of various domains through principles of computer science and applications.

  • To focus on building professional skills that is useful in Entrepreneurship and development of relevant technological projects for a larger section of the society.

  • To grow as a nurturing environment of computer professionals for imparting a lifelong learning skill.

Basic Facts
"To emerge as the country’s leading value based educational and professional centre, practicing innovation, patronizing research and shaping global entrepreneurs and leaders."
Founder: Dr. Zora Singh
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