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    The Faculty of Social Sciences of DBU seeks to maintain a commitment to the pursuit of excellence by assisting students to develop a capacity for independent thought, critical analysis, self-awareness and social awareness. As social sciences deals with society, thus, Faculty of Social Sciences aims to foster multi-dimensional research to promote social and educational development of the society at a global level. By keeping in view the Indian society, the department cultivates multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary collaboration by preserving a climate of intellectual freedom, fostering ethical and moral values, social attitudes and approaches that encourage towards community service and involvement. It is dedicated to the development of the Indian Society. The Faculty aims to be excellent provider of education equipping future professionals with extensive specialist knowledge and a strong sense of ethics, a renowned centre of research, with clearly defined research goals. The Faculty also seeks to become an active participant in creating and implementing strategies for addressing social issues with a strong focus on challenges faced by Indian Society.


  • To advance, promote and excel in field of social research to develop Indian society.

  • To promote Qualitative teaching, research, innovation.

  • To promote core values of integrity, commitment, respect, loyality among students.

  • To develop Social Sciences department at a global level through cutting-edge research that leads to social, economic and political development of a society.

  • To create spirit of community service and public service and intellectual leadership among students.

  • To build an open academic community with a shared culture stemming from its core values, including an ability to reach informed and effective consensus.

  • To Promote and value innovative learning experiences that will enable our students/graduates to develop wide, tolerant, and cosmopolitan ideas that can help them to be better prepared to function in a diverse, demanding, and global society.

  • To teach courses to students that will fulfill the general education requirement as well as to achieve advanced study as part of their selected major program such as economics, history, or sociology or a specialization in International Studies, and to provide support for professional programs.

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