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Pharmacognosy Lab
This lab imparts the knowledge of the fundamentals of Pharmacognosy like scope, classification of crude drugs, their identification and evaluation, phytochemicals present in them and their medicinal properties.
Computer Lab
In this students gain knowledge about different Databases, Database Management system and computer application in clinical studies.
Pharmacology Lab
In this lab students understand what drugs do to the living organisms and how their effects can be applied to therapeutics. It covers the information about the drugs like, mechanism of action, physiological and biochemical effects (pharmacodynamics) as well as absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (pharmacokinetics) along with the adverse effects, clinical uses, interactions, doses, contraindications and routes of administration of different classes of drugs.
Pharmaceutics Lab
This course is designed to impart fundamental knowledge on the preparatory pharmacy with arts and science of preparing and testing different conventional dosage forms.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab
Qualitative analysis of various inorganic compounds on the basis of volumetric titration methods. Perform identification test of various compounds. Qualitative analysis of various organic compounds. Quantitative analysis of various drugs using advanced instruments.
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