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Introduction to Ph.D / M.Phil at Desh Bhagat University

Desh Bhagat University, being one of the greatest University-based research institutions in the nation, is a pioneer among Indian universities in the region of technology transmits and has contributed a huge commitment to the economy, health awareness and innovation. What makes us considerably more interesting is the sylvan ambience to saturate innovative excellence amidst tranquillity and serenity to make earth shattering exploration and research. At the department of Research and Development, DBU brings together researchers across its range of commendable identities and utilizes its most sophisticated resources to assimilate multifaceted brilliance into research by erasing the intricacies of the subject. Desh Bhagat University is an abode to an inconceivable and diverse compass of meticulous and assiduous, global students and academic researchers. While some scholastic institutions are contented by purely generating new research, but at DBU we go past this tenant by reliably resolute to likewise impart the learning we emerge through settled associations and interfaces with government and industrial sector, and through tangible relations with our academic associates and partners from around the globe.

Desh Bhagat University is unwaveringly committed to the pertinent zones of research and development that have been allocated on priority basis by the Central and State governments, delineating particular requirement ranges of research. We've made it simple for you to explore a percentage of the numerous analysts and innovations at DBU that are assembled in these centre regions.

Key Research Plan is an unyielding yet adaptable system at DBU that will captivate the innovative community and our accomplices in the hardships being faced by mankind in the 21st century. It will ultimately result into the assurance that our researchers will be prudent in persisting the revered task of research in an ambiance that will empower them to burgeon.
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