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Pharmacy College - Desh Bhagat University


Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis:

Qualitative analysis of various inorganic compounds on the basis of volumetric titration methods. Perform identification test of various compounds. Qualitative analysis of various organic compounds. Quantitative analysis of various drugs using advanced instruments.


Preparation and evaluation of various dosage forms like solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. Study of physicochemical properties of drug molecules to design dosage form.


Demonstration and practical labs related to isolation of different organs/Tissues from laboratory animals by simulated experiments. Determination of toxicological parameters using simulated experiments.


The recognition of medicinal plants, identification of adulteration and Contamination. Demonstration and practical labs related to extraction, isolation and identification of phytoconstituents. Preparation and evaluation of various herbal formulations.

Computer Lab:

Training to work with word, excel, PowerPoint. Design and develop solutions to analyze pharmaceutical problems using computers.

Pharmacy Practice:

Various apparatus like glucometer, BP apparatus, stethoscope, First aid box etc are present in Pharmacy Practice.

Machine Room:

Various instruments involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing process are present in machine room like tablet punching machine, Coating machine, Double cone blender, Ointment filling and sealing machine, Ampoule filling and sealing machine etc. which are used in various experiments of Pharmaceutics and Herbal Drug Technology.

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