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Desh Bhagat School of Pharmacy offers B. Pharmacy and D. Pharmacy Allopathic courses fully accredited by Pharmacy Council of India. With more than 20 years of experience in education and over 256 academic courses, the university being the biggest academic trailblazer in Punjab has taken the initiative to address the pharmaceutical needs in Punjab by starting B. Pharmacy and D. Pharmacy Allopathic course on campus. With elite pharmacy educators, state-of-the art facility located in a thriving medical and research community the campus is a cornerstone of experiential learning and building a deep understanding of drugs, treatment, quality control, manufacturing, research and development that have revolutionized the quality of life of millions of people.
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The engaging classroom environment is centered to help students be conversant with professional aspects of pharmacy taking up active roles in pharmaceutical industry to support research, development and manufacturing operations. The laboratory work provides simultaneous development of knowledge and learning in context of how it is applied in practice whether it is dispensing the right medicine, its dosage, adverse effects and contraindications. The profession of Pharmacy has transformed into a hub for the ‘Global Healthcare’ and evolved as a multidisciplinary, multifaceted curriculum. Its involvement is deep as it has an important role in all events: from discovery of new drug molecule to its evaluation which includes Manufacturing, Quality control test, in process quality control, Preclinical studies followed by Clinical approval for human consumption.
“Why Study Pharmacy?
The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industry today, with medications being the most contributory elements to Universal Healthcare; pharmacists occupy positions of importance in the medical chain. Pharmacy is a research-based program therefore students who pursue this course have a wide scope for growth and expansion, as it is an ever-growing field, with new dimensions constantly developing. The program involves more practical hands on training, therefore allowing the students to develop an actual vocational skill which they can utilize to take up any of the various spectrums of the career from industry, to independent dispensaries and research. Pharmacy is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, such as Consultant Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacist, Dispensary Manager, Dispensary Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist, Medicines Safety Manager, Medicines Management Technician, Pharmacy Assistant, Senior Clinical Pharmacists etc”
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  • 4 Years B. Pharmacy
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  • 2 Years D. Pharmacy Allopathic
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