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School of Para Medical Sciences
Saving lives everyday.
Learning Here
Being an essential component of the Health Care Services, Para Medical Science assumes a noteworthy part in medical science for the diagnosis and treatment of various ailments & diseases. The university offers nothing but the best paramedical science courses in Punjab with clinical placements to gather firsthand experience of working with patients and contemporary equipment. Students have a wide range of courses to choose from like B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology and B.Sc. Operation Theatres Technology. Despite the fact that decision making for patient consideration lays on doctors, its implementation and performance lies on the paramedical staff. They remain as essential columns between the two and can influence patient consideration.
Life on Campus
The campus provides a very supportive culture for learning and conducting research amidst state of art facilities and laboratories. Here you will be handling, utilizing and maintaining diagnostic & analytic apparatus utilized in clinical laboratory, technical tools used in various therapies of Physiotherapy and the apparatuses used in Operation Theatres by OT professionals. Desh Bhagat University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s course in Para Medical Science to confer such knowledge & training to the students that is fused with excellent practical experience in advanced hospitals. Basically, it is a structured stream which focuses on developing your knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body, from molecular to whole systems but it is also an innovative and flexible stream providing exciting options for students interested in a wide range of careers in the medical and health sciences. There is nothing more exciting than a brand new discovery in science. After completing this course, you will have the ideal base for graduate research in medical science with innumerable placement opportunities.
Para Medical Sciences as a Career Choice
Paramedics serve in a role that can be very unpredictable and requiring immediate action with specialist skills. A large number of avenues are open for Para medical professionals in ambulance services, critical care, primary care, hospitals, pathological diagnostic labs, nursing homes. Paramedics are completely responsible for resuscitating and stabilising patients, using high tech equipments like the defibrillator, applying spinal and traction splints, administering intravenous drips, drugs and oxygen. Paramedics are also found to work with government, police, flight crews and coast guards.
What you will learn at DBU:
  • Work as a part of team
  • Decision making
  • Using hi-tech equipments
  • Quality Work
  • Soft skills
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Academic Programs
Study option
Full Time
  • 2 Years Diploma
  • 3 Years B.Sc.
  • 2 Years B.Sc. (LEET)
With the pleasantry advancements in technology, various electronic equipments have been used in modern operation theatres amid surgeries and operations to overcome various infirmities. The well being of the patient chiefly relies on the congenial and reliable functioning of these medical ... Apply online
Study option
Full Time
  • 3 Years B.Sc.
  • 2 Years B.Sc. (LEET)
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