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The Nursing Profession is the Noblest of all professions and in immense demand globally, offering a highly rewarding career. The Desh Bhagat University Faculty of Nursing has a vision to “achieve synergistic union of knowledge, skills and technology, to be a globally responsive and social conscious institute, committed to grooming highly skilled, innovative professionals by applying latest research evaluations, expert guiding force, hands-on training and optimum usage of resources.” Desh Bhagat University, Faculty of Nursing established in the year of 2012. Desh Bhagat University, Faculty of Nursing aims to train dedicated and expert nurses, capable of contributing towards the development of emerging health care systems in public and private health care organizations, as well as community services. Our Bachelor of Nursing degree course, Post B.Sc. Nursing & M.Sc. Nursing, & Ph.D. Nursing Programme provides high achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to extend themselves intellectually and clinically, thereby rendering quality care to the general public through our hospital and community services. Our significantly well infrastructure institution imparts high quality professional education to young and aspiring candidates who have dedicated themselves to be efficient nurses and also meet the acute shortage of qualified and skilled nursing manpower, our country is currently facing. Special impetus is given in Desh Bhagat University, Faculty of Nursing to train students capable of giving comprehensive nursing care, such as promoting preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the needy. I welcome all the new students and wish them success through their academic journey out of our nursing faculty as successful nursing professional.

At Desh Bhagat Faculty of Nursing we provide the education which meets the latest international medical standards. The net result of education and training at our faculty prepares competent nurses capable of working under all sorts of situations. Keeping in mind the huge demand for skilled nurses all over the globe the university offers highly sought after B.Sc Nursing courses targeting high quality patient care and able handling of clinical complications through Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM), General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM), M.Sc. Nursing, and Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing. Our faculty is engaged in training students in a live hospital environment where they have the opportunity to work alongside doctors and see a one to one interaction with patients and also take relevant notes. Regular medical check up camps help students learn the required communication skills relevant to their profession whist also learning how to deal with patient with severe to mild illnesses. Reaching out to community is a top initiative at Desh Bhagat Faculty of Nursing, Punjab rather than perusing the doctrine of theoretical knowledge only.
Life on Campus
In modern times, the nursing job is not just confined to the walls of the hospitals. In fact it has adopted a multi-faceted role in the medical industry. The university's nursing programs enjoy a very reputed standing in Punjab, thanks to the way they are taught. During your time here you will go through the latest in this profession by giving A/V presentations on health care techniques, policies etc., going through medical journals and new medical research, having a look at demonstrations and TED Talks (short talk presenting a valuable idea), collaborating with medical experts and also public and private sector officials (e.g. physicians, social workers, medical representatives etc., creating medical applications on mobile and launching many free community service campaigns.
Nursing as a Career Choice
In today’s health care system there is an ascending need for ‘nurses’. Looking after patients’ health concerns and contributing immensely in the rehabilitation of the sick, makes the nursing profession very pious and interesting. The scientific era of today has taken nursing practice to new heights. Nowadays, nurses make use of several technology assisted medical gadgets and do multi-tasking in the hospitals or medical centres. Also with time, this challenging profession has been positively affected by customer’s (patient’s) alertness and healthcare expenses. Moreover, the vast changes in the health industry have opened new gates for the nursing profession. There is a huge demand for skilled nurses all over the globe.
What you will learn at DBU:
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Assisted use of technology
  • Ethical & moral dimension
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A huge increment in the healthcare services and career opportunities has ultimately encouraged the inculcation of highly capable and expert professionals in the healthcare industry outfitted with healthcare education, awareness, training and aptitudes. Aside from these factors, a huge demand ... Apply online
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Full Time
  • 4 Years B.Sc.
  • 2 Years M.Sc.
  • 2 Years Post Basic Nursing
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