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School of Life Sciences
How life begins.
Learning Here
The School of life Science at the university in Punjab has an exceptional diversity of fully accredited courses that span the length and breadth of this field offering cutting edge exposure and research opportunities. Students can choose to pursue their academic aspirations in diverse fields like Botany and Zoology. The studies here entail ample opportunities for students to apply what has been taught during lectures in the laboratory setting stimulating an industry like environment.
Life on Campus
The faculty of life science will train you for a bright future to answer, follow and perform innumerable discoveries in this field during the course of your career. Whether you are fascinated by plants and their indispensable capability to regulate global processes, form complex relationships with other organisms, have intriguing patterns of development and diversity or exploring a diverse array of animal species, using cutting edge techniques in both the field and the laboratory, the university provides a fertile ground for gaining knowledge and applied research. Laboratory training here is supplemented with rigorous coursework, guest lectures, workshops and seminars.
Life Sciences as a Career Choice
With the immense growth in the field of Life Science since the past decade, job prospects have grown in a multiple sectors. Graduates now can work in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, academic teaching, medicine, management, intellectual property law, forensics, bioethics etc. In addition to above, life science students can work as Botanist, Microbiologist, Mycologist, Forester, Geneticist, Zoologist, Anatomist, Animal Scientist, Biochemist, Biomedical Engineer, Developmental Biologist, Ecologist, Epidemiologist, Food Scientist, Horticulturist, Immunologist, Marine Biologist, Medical Illustrator, Medical Laboratory Technician, Nutritionist, Palaeontologist, Pathologist, Pharmacologist, Physiologist, Science Writer etc. Some life scientists are also employed by botanical gardens, zoos, museums, aquariums, schools, libraries, farms, health clubs, parks, government and research foundations or even private companies.
What you will learn at DBU:
  • Applied research
  • Experimentation
  • Numeracy
  • Organization
  • Literacy
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Academic Programs
Study option
Full Time
  • 2 Years M.Sc.
Following the nerve of time, Desh Bhagat University has established its Department of Zoology as an interdisciplinary branch of the University School of Sciences to cover all the traditional & latest emerging theories and researches in Zoology focusing on animal behavior, structure, physiology...  Apply online
Study option
Full Time
  • 2 Years M.Sc.
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