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Details of Entrepreneurship Programmes

1 01-09-2017                                               Mr. Vinod Kumar Dutt (MD) Inspire Series
2 01-09-2017 Mr. Balli, Financial and Legal Advisor Inspire Series
3 15-09-2017 Mr. Arun Seth Inspire Series
4 13-09-2017 Mr. RimishBansod Tech Talks
5 14-09-2017 Mr. Kamal Singh Start your Venture and Financing Your Venture Round Table Meeting
6 14-09-2017 Mr. Ankur Pathak Start your Venture and Financing Your Venture, Round Table Meeting
7 27-10-2017 Mr. R.C. Chopra BUSINESS IDEA GENERATION CONTEST 2017
8 02-11-2017 Ms. Shruti Sinha BUSINESS IDEA GENERATION CONTEST 2017
9 27-10-2017 Mr. Harinderjit Singh BUSINESS IDEA GENERATION CONTEST 2017
10 01-11-2017 Mr. Rahul Taneja Inspire Series - Topic Intellectual property Rights
11 02-11-2017 Mr. Upender Kumar Kohli (General Manager), B.Tech(Mechanical) Financing Your Venture
12 02-11-2017 Mr. Azizul Hasan (Chief Manager) , B.Tech( Electrical) Financing Your Venture
13 02-11-2017 Ms. Shubhangi (Assistant Manager, Technology) Financing Your Venture
14 23-08-2017 Mr. Jagjeet Kapoor Inspire Series
15 23-08-2017 Mr. Harinder Singh Cheema Inspire Series
16 09-08-2017 Mr. Aman Gupta Inspire Series
17 21-12-2017 Dr. Shalini Gupta Start your business
18 21-12-2017 Mr. RajkumarVerma Start your business
19 17-01-2018 Mr. Rakesh Pathak Financing your Venture
20 24-01-2018 Mr. Dinesh Jain (Managing Director) Real Stories
21 22-01-2018 Mr. Harinderjit Singh HunarMela cum Winter Fete
22 22-01-2018 Mr. Ankur Pathak HunarMela cum Winter Fete
23 22-01-2018 Mr. Maqbool Hasan HunarMela cum Winter Fete
24 07-02-2018 Mr. Manoj Kumar Inspire Series
25 09-02-2018 Dr. Som Saini, FAHRI MA, LLB, MBA, PhD Inspire Series
26 12-02-2018 Mr. Satinder Singh E-Week Celebration: Business Idea Contest Final Pitch
27 12-02-2018 Mr. Dinesh Jain E-Week Celebration: Business Idea Contest Final Pitch
28 04-10-2017 Mr. Jagwinder Singh Digital Marketing
29 03-11-2017 Mr. Chotu Sharma Industrial Visit
30 03-11-2017 Mr. Rohit Soni Industrial Visit
31 05-04-2018 Mrs. Bharti Kapoor Student Empowerment
32 06-04-2018 Mr. VK Sharma Use your Wings Series
33 23-07-2018 Mr. VK Sharma

Mr. Madan Lal
Use your Wings Series
34 03-08-2018 Mr. Rajveer Singh Investor Awareness Program
35 22-08-2018 Ms. Sharuti Sinha Orientations programe EDP
36 12-09-2018 Mr. Gaurav

Ms. Komal

Ms. Riya
Learn from Manish Malhotra
37 18-09-2018 Mr. Vineet Khurana
Mr. Dharmesh
Use your wings
38 24/10/18 to 28/9/18 Dr. Shalini Gupta Management Development Programme (MDP)
39 03-10-2018 Mr. Ramesh Kumar Garg Expert Talk
40 04-10-2018 Dr. Navkiran Kaur Expert Talk
41 09-10-2018 Dr. Saroj Chaman Expert Talk
42 09-10-2018 Mr. Maninder Singh Use Your Wins
43 15-10-2018 Dr. Labh Singh Expert Talk
44 29-10-2018 Mr. Gautam Senegal Starup Mantra Series-2
45 10-12-2018 to 22-12-2018 15-20 Faculty members and representatives of Govt. Departments was invited Faculty Development Programme Under the aegis of EDII, Govt of India
46 01-03-2019 Dr. Saroj Chaman Expert Talk
47 8th April, 2019 Dr.Nipun Sharma Expert Talk
48 10-04-2019 Dr. Labh Singh Impact of Entrepreneurship on Indian Economy
49 22-04-2019 SOCH- The Boot Camp Workshop
50 07-05-2019 Mr.Mohit Verma Workshop on Student Interaction with Ideation & Innovation
51 Aug 20th 1. Prof. Bhagwati Parkash Sharma (Vice Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida)

Dr. R.K Mittal (Vice Chancellor, Chaudhary Bansi Lal University, Bhiwani)

Mr. Satish Kumar (Organising Secretary Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Bhiwani
Role of Academia in strengthening the Entrepreneurial ecosystem for Employment Generation
52 06-09-2019 Artificial Intelligence
53 09-09-2019 Leadership
54 10-10-2019 1) Dr. Kusum (Hail University, Saudi Arabia)

2) Dr. Mrityunjay (BIET-Jhansi)

3) Mr. Vishal (ELITE web Technologies)

4) Mr. Tapas K. Barik (Bangalore)

5) Dr. Jimmy (Asst. Surgeon, Kerela)
2nd Virtual Conference on "Technology For Life"
55 15-10-2019 1. Dr.Zora Singh (Chancellor)

2. Dr. Shalini Gupta (Vice Chancellor)

3. Ms. Wilmke Offereins (PUM, Netherland)

4. Ms Anne Watkins (Wales,England)

5. Dr. Rupinder Kaur( Ex. Professor, Deptt.of English, Punjabi University

6. Dr. Sangita Honda ( Retd. Principal- Mahindra College Patiala)

An International Seminar "Role of Communication in Entrepreneurship"
56 04-11-2019 Dr. Zora Singh

Dr. Shalini Gupta

Mr. Nahid Alam

Mr. Rahul Taneja

Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
57 08-11-2019 Dr. Anushka (IVY Hospital) Seminar on Diet and Health & General Health Check-up Camp
58 26-11-2019 Law Faculty National Constitution Day
59 10-12-2019 Er. Pramod Mandal, Mr. Amar Sharma Orientation programme on Integration of admission process with office automation
60 13-12-2019 Er. Parmod Mandal, Mr. Amar Sharma, Mr. Surinder Kapoor
61 23- 24 Dec Dr. Rao NAAC Awareness Programme (NAP)
62 03 Jan ,20 NAAC Awareness Programme (NAP)
63 17-01-2020 Mr. UN Rao

Ms. Rosy Sambriya

Mr. Darshan S. Babbi

Progressive farmer Meet
64 29-01-2020 Mr. Manpreet Singh Manna MOOC and SWAYAM courses
65 21 to 23 Feb,2020 Dr. Rao (NAAC Expert) NAAC
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