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Strength of Material Lab:

The objective of the strength of materials lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments.


Fluid Machinery Lab:

The objective of this laboratory is to determine the various parameters related to fluid flow in pipes and in open channels.


Industrial Automation and Robotics:

Graduates will be successful as engineers in the industry and provide solutions to problems faced in the multi-disciplinary field of Automation & Robotics.

Heat Transfer lab:

The laboratory course is aimed to provide the practical exposure to the students with regard to the determination of amount of heat exchange in various modes of heat transfer including condensation & boiling for several geometries, Determination of heat transfer rate through a lagged pipe.

Theory of Machines Lab:

Objectives of this Theory of Machines lab are to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine. With the study of rigid bodies motions and forces for the Transmission systems, machine kinematics and dynamics can be well understood.

Automobile Engineering Lab:

The lab is well-equipped and enables students to understand the fundamentals of Automotive Engineering which includes basic structure, body style, power plant and wheel & tyre assembly

Mechanical Measurement Meteorology & Instrumentation Lab:

Course is designed for measuring and gauging instruments for inspection of Precision linear, geometric forms, angular and surface calibration of instruments.

Fluid Mechanics Lab:

The objective of this laboratory is to determine the various parameters related to fluid flow in pipes and in open channels. The laboratory also houses facilities for carrying out the study of flow over various objects in Sub sonic wind tunnel, open channel and boundary layer analysis.



It is the one of important laboratory for diploma & degree students for their course curriculum. The aim to establish this laboratory for practical training in the field of CAD (Computer Aided Designing) & CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Applied Thermodynamics Lab:

This course aims to provide a good platform to mechanical Engineering student’s transformation to prepare to prepare them to carry out experimental investigation and analysis at later stages of graduation. To understand, model and appreciate Concept of dynamics involved in Thermal energy


The objective of this lab is to teach students various trades of mechanical systems and to explain them the working for performing various operations on these systems. This lab complements the engineering workshop course.

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