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Electronics and Devices Circuits Lab

This Laboratory intends to provide an overview of the principles , operations and application of the analog building blocks like diodes , BJT , FET for performing various functions

Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab

All the first year students of students perform experiments in BEEE laboratory . This Lab has necessary apparatus like motors , generators , transformers , gates , multimeters , voltmeters , wattmeters , energy meters , to effectively conduct experiments

Analog Communication System Lab

This laboratory gives exposure to varios modulation , demodulation techniques used in a communication system . It also demonstrates digital communication concepts by providing hands on experience using kits and simulation environments

Microprocessor Lab

This laboratory is Equipped with Microprocessor kits , interfacing Devices like LED , Keyboard interfacing , to control speed of DC motor using 8085

Microcontroller &Embedded System Lab

This Laboratory is Equipped with Microcontroller &Embedded System kits Keil Software , interfacing devices like Flashing LED , LCD display , Relay , to control speed of DC motor

Digital Communication System Lab

This laboratory is Equipped with Digital Communication System Kits .which are utilized to demonstrate digital signals i.e PCM , QAM , PWM , PAM kits .

Electronic and Measuring Instrumentation Lab

This laboratory is Equipped with Equipped with various Electronic and Measuring Instrumentation Kits like Kelvin Bridge , Wheatstone Bridge . The Lab also contains many basic electric variables , and time frequency measuring equipment

Control System Lab

Equipped with Control System kits to see the operation of controlling various devices

Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

This laboratory is Equipped with Linear Integrated Circuits of Op –amp and its various applications

Project lab

Project laboratory involves the integration and implementation of knowledge and skills acquired during the degree program . It involves group work and hands on experience on some live projects in the field of Electronics and Communication

Digital Electronics Lab

This laboratory  helps the students to learn the basic concepts and techniques in digital electronics like usage of  gates , Implementation of Boolean Expression , adder and subtractor circuits

Microwave Engineering Lab 

This laboratory  helps  to  learn  how to use microwave test equipment to make measurements of power, frequency, S parameters, SWR, return loss, and insertion loss.  The microwave components are used to characterize devices and system behaviour.

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