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The Department has a well illuminated ample space for students to work, experiment, practices and group- discussions. The Department has a spacious Art Gallery & an Exhibition Hall that serve as perfect meeting grounds for exhibitions, academic displays, presentations, and interaction. Well-equipped Still- Life Studio and Sculpture studio invite students to play with their imaginations.

Best Practices of the Department

Best Practice I - Administrative Functionary
  • Daily Diary System for the employees.

  • Objective of this practice is to increase the accountability and responsibilities towards the task assigned. It is an effective tool for monitoring the way of working and workload of employees.

  • Regular entries needed to be done every day. This practice will be maintained regularly, and to push oneself to go further. It will boost the performance level naturally. Regular practice will show their faithfulness towards the duties and practices. If this practice is not maintained properly it will become the main cause of negligence and latter lead to data discrepancy.

  • It becomes easy for the higher authorities to check their employee’s activity.

  • Diary helps faculty to teach and complete the syllabus according to curriculum. The first areas of study and practices daily diary involve the user in his best practice.

Best Practice II - Student’s Best Practice
  • Students and faculty along with gardeners take care of maintaining neat environment in the college campus regularly.

  • Students and staff regularly involve to improve and maintain natural atmosphere of the campus.

  • Students regularly try to embellish the walls of department with their imaginations through lines and colours. Students decorate the walls of other departments occasionally with their paintings, calligraphy and wall paintings as well like their own homes.

Aesthetic Club
Aesthetic Club, Fine Arts Department, Desh Bhagat University organized an Exhibition cum Art Festival 'Paryaas-2015' During the three days long exhibition, students of fine arts showcased their talent and creative skills through Sculpturing, Sketching, Graphic Design, Paper Cutting, 3-D Modelling, Composition Painting, Portrait, Sketching and drawing etc.
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