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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

When talking of the past, there were five chief varieties of Fine Arts that existed on this planet. These were: Painting, Sculpture, Music – Theatre & Dance, Poetry and Architecture. In the modern times the field of Fine Arts generally includes some added forms like printmaking, photography, conceptual art and films. Fine Art and Fine Arts although spell the same, but in various educational institutions and in museums, the plural i.e. Fine Arts is mostly associated with visual art forms. If we go by the customary patterns of the academic excellence of Western Europe, Fine Art evolved as an aesthetic art and got segregated from other art fields, which finally served a practical purpose for many. Education in Fine Arts guides students to succeed as innovative professionals in the practice of Arts.

With this study, individuals grasp the necessary skills of imagination; intellectualism and rationality, which ultimately builds students’ personality and contributes to their professional practice. The study of Fine Arts consists of many aspects that put great emphasis on improvements, creativity and shunning of ‘old notions’.

Why Study BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts?

If you wish to get engrossed in the ever transforming and invigorating world of art; aspire to bring a touch of sheen to your original ideas, creating shades of unique performance in the media (performing arts) – then Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is best suited to your style. From painting to arts (performance based) and working on the mediums such as plaster, metal and for the places like galleries, museums, drawing studios, installation spaces etc. – the realm of Fine Arts is extensive. In Fine Arts, ‘originality’ matters – your unique style becomes a joy for many. The chance to work independently, without any thinking pressure from ‘others’, is always present in the field of Fine Arts. Hence, an academic study in Fine Arts gives individuals enough space and liberty to chalk out their dreams and realize their aspirations. A program in Fine Arts transforms the unpolished minds into creative artists in the fields such as: Community Arts, Graphic Design, Theatre Art Design, Curatorship, Illustration, Research studies, Museums, Art Galleries (public & independent), Higher education Arts, Publishing, Events Management and Teaching (Nationally & Internationally).

What does a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts - BFA hold in store?

The Bachelor Degree (BFA) course of Fine Arts field generally lasts for 3 years with huge involvement in studio program tasks. The course in Fine Arts offers a special training with respect to: Acting, Music, Theatre, Stage Management, TV production, Animation, Drawing, Sculpture, Visual effects, Ceramics, Pottery, Metal working, Painting and Photography.
Academic Programs


BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Eligibility: 10+2 with minimum 50% Marks
Duration: 3 Years
Full Time

Syllabus & Scheme


Master of Fine Arts (Painting)

Eligibility: Pass in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or any Bachelor’s degree with subjects of Fine Arts or equivalent with 55% marks from a recognized university/college.
Duration: 2 Years
Full Time

Syllabus & Scheme

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