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Campus Security Cell at Desh Bhagat University

Security has moved higher and higher up the agenda for educational establishments in recent years as the threat of crime and violence has increased.

Security department of DeshBhagat University is dedicated to providing students, faculty, and staff with a safe place to live, study, and work. Our campus safety program has its own unique features, specific to University and the surrounding area.

Campus Security Departments offer services to inform students on how to report crimes, and provide resources on violent situations.

A video surveillance system is carefully installed in order to keep watch over the diverse assortment of facilities that comprise a typical campus community. From corridors and libraries to sports complexes and sprawling student grounds, there's a lot to look after. A system of properly installed campus security cameras is ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and facilities on campus.

Department also provide escort services to students and staff members, through which campus patrol officers escort individuals who feel uncomfortable walking to their car or destination alone, specifically during evening hours.

Establishing and maintaining a secure, safe learning environment in line with changing the premises of DeshBhagatUniversity a public place where a complex visitor’s flow is managed- from scientists to educators to various unique and frequent visitors.

Department manages both the identity of visitors and access to certain sites and facilities. For example, even a teacher can be restricted in terms of access to certain rooms, but visitors may only be allowed in the areas of a particular town or school building.

These measures are taken with increased security concerns in schools and other public authorities.
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