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Ayurveda Rasa Shastra

MD Rasa Shastra Course in India

Being one of the most prominent branches of Ayurveda, Rasa Shastra is a part of pharmacy that basically deals with the detoxification, processing and preparation of Ayurvedic medicines with the use of various chemical substances, metals, minerals and herbs. So, this pioneer branch of Ayurveda is mainly concerned with the varieties, attributes, handling strategies, properties, formulation and preservation of Ayurvedic medicines. The stream also ingrains the students with the capability to transmute a harmful or poisonous medication into a safe and powerful drug. Thus, M.D. in Rasa Shastra gives a remarkable accentuation to the stimulating learning of Ayurvedic medicines along with the descriptions of various devices and heating apparatus.

M.D. Rasashastra course is a great opportunity for aspiring students to expand their knowledge through a detailed study of the fundamental principles of Rasa Shastra, Aushadha Yoga (formulations), methods of analytical, toxicity, experimental and clinical validation of classical and proprietary ayurvedic formulations. M.D. Ras Shastra also introduces new dosage forms and advance instruments of analysis. The course also entails a thorough understanding of Concept of Pharmacopoeia and Formulary with introduction of ‘The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India’ (API) and ‘The Ayurvedic Formulary of India’ (AFI) and an introduction to databases of medicinal plants published by CCRAS, ICMR and others. The practical education in the course, M.D. Rasa Shastra, involves mineralogical identification of minerals & metals and macroscopic & microscopic examination of plants. The course gives a very profound knowledge of pharmacopeia standards of traditional medicines of ancient India and a thorough understanding of prepared dosage forms Bhasma and Pishti Pariksha and their delivery in various forms.

DBU has designed and equipped the curriculum of M.D Ayurveda in Rasa Shastra specialization as per the norms set by Central Council of Indian Medicine. The department has been kept periodically updated with the latest instrumentation, state-of-art infrastructure; well stocked departmental library enriched with Dissertations & Journals and advanced laboratories backed up with the most commendable technical amenities. Apart from this, the Modern Analytical Instruments and research oriented laboratories encourage the students to carry out various practical and research activities to instill excellence in them.
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M.D. Ayurveda Rasa Shastra

Eligibility: BAMS (Min. 60% marks in entrance test)
Duration: 3 Years
Intake: 5 Seats
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