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BAMS course at Desh Bhagat University Punjab

The term ‘Ayurveda’ is taken from the Sanskrit which means "Science of Life". Being focused on a harmony between sound body and soul, Ayurveda aims at averting illness¸ recuperate the sick and safeguard the life. DBU, a premier institution in Ayurvedic education, has assimilated its encouraged assets to establish its University School of Ayurveda as an excellent establishment for educating, exploration and general advancement of Ayurveda Education and to saturate the best curriculum and knowledge as it was delivered in the ancient Gurukul framework.

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery or the BAMS course at Desh Bhagat University is recognized by Central Council for Indian Medicine. BAMS referred to as Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is a very deep study of Ayurveda that touches upon its history, sanskrit, padartha vigyana, knowledge of branches of ayurveda, anatomy, physiology, pathology, pulse diagnosis, toxicology, ayurvedic medication, surgery, ENT, dentistry, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, medical ethics, health regulations, methodology, medical statistics, panchkarma, yoga and much more to build a thorough understanding of human body from a holistic standpoint. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery or BAMS course also entails a comprehensive study of plants, minerals and animal products, their medicinal significance and usage in preparation of herbal and mineral formulations. Desh Bhagat University, offers the best BAMS course in Punjab, where every BAMS student learns to explore the physical and psychological characteristics of each of the three doshas, or mind-body types vata, pitta and kapha and how to balance and treat them in case of diagnosis of a pathological state of body called disease.

Being located in a sylvan environment the School of Ayurveda has an aesthetic infrastructural design having all the required amenities. The School is diligently equipped with exemplary academics, modern laboratories, analysis hall, exhibition hall, herbal garden and a digital library enriched with relevant journals and periodical magazines. With an ambition to ingrain the aspirants with quality education and professional expertise, DBU has established 150 bedded hospital and a Panchkarma centre with a running OPD. To confer the essential knowledge, recognition and utilization of medicinal plants, the school has inculcated its own herbal garden enriched with even the rare species of plants.

Apart from delivering proficient curriculum and clinical capabilities to the aspirants, the University School of Ayurveda additionally organizes various scholastic seminars and workshops to enhance the scholarly experience of our students.
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Eligibility: 10+2 Medical with 50% Marks in PCB & English
Duration: 5 Years & 6 Months
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