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M.Sc Mathematics - Master of Science in Mathematics

Mathematics, being a cardinal branch of Applied Sciences, has enjoyed a rich tradition in India since the ancient times. From the routine life of an individual to the economic, industrial and scientific development of a nation, Mathematics plays a chief role as an essential tool for every task. Almost all the related fields like Economics, Astronomy, Physics and Chemistry utilize mathematical theories, algorithms and calculations to design their experiments, to analyze data and make their predictions or inventions. So, Mathematics, as a subject, has assimilated a lucrative importance in all the educational streams like engineering, business, computer science, economics and physics. With a dignitary motto of empowering the dynamic youth with ample career opportunities in mathematics, Desh Bhagat University has established the Department of Mathematics offering post graduation course M.Sc Mathematics.

Best M.Sc mathematics course in Punjab Having an interdisciplinary approach, the department of mathematics has adopted a globally scrutinized curriculum empowered by the renowned mathematics faculty to saturate an educational brilliance of world repute. The two-year degree programme in M. Sc Mathematics, here, at DBU covers all the advanced branches of the subject like Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Elements of Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods and Programming, Measure and Integration, Topology, Algebra, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Lie Algebras, Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Complex Algebraic Geometry, Elliptic Curves, Graph Theory and Algorithms, Discrete Dynamical Systems, Harmonic Analysis, Number Theory and Cryptography, Classical Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics and Continuum Mechanics. The richly equipped department having a congenial academic environment inculcates the enhanced capability of research in students in their particular field of interest.

Thus, by ingraining excellence and perfection in various branches of mathematics during M. Sc Mathematics programme, the department also offers M. Phil & Ph. D programs to specialize the young mathematicians in a particular branch of the subject. It ultimately results into a broad range of enthusiastic and esteemed career opportunities.
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M.Sc. Mathematics

Eligibility: Graduation with minimum 50% marks in concerned subject
Duration: 2 Years
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