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Laboratories and Workshops

Horticulture Lab

Horticulture is the main stream that deals with producing vegetables and fruits that completes our basic requirement of food and nutrition. Department has equipped horticulture lab. In addition to basic knowledge in horticulture, with practical experience, students will be familiar with a wide range of subject matter including plant identification, propagation, controlled environment production, horticulture information retrieval system, pruning, and lawn care, plants for interior uses, and fruits and vegetables.

Plant Breeding And Genetics Lab

This lab is equipped with basic instruments that help students to understand the basic concepts of genetics, helping students to develop their analytical, quantitative and problem solving skills. To provide insight into structure and functions of chromosomes, chromosome mapping, polyploidy and cytogenetic aspects of crop evolution.

Food Processing Lab

Food science includes processing of agricultural food products. Lab aims to upgrade student to make safe, high quality food products that are profitable to all segments of agriculture. The laboratory experiments demonstrate some simple scientific principles that apply to food manufacturing and show the characteristics of some common foods.

Microbiology Lab

Microbiology lab deals providing basic knowledge about the laboratory equipment and their working, culture media, procedures necessary for sterilization, culturing of microorganisms. Student are made familiar with the identification and growth of microorganisms in culture

Biochemistry Lab

This subject deals with the understanding of chemical processes associated with living cells at the molecular level. The lab provides controlled conditions in which experiments may be performed. The lab practices include evaluation of nutritive value of cereals, pulses, biochemistry of disease and pest resistance.

Agronomy And Soil Science Lab

The lab deals with the basic experiments that are used in the practice of soil analysis. Student understand the importance of soil texture, its nutritional value, soil management and field crop production. The lab is well equipped with all basic equipment required for the testing of soil.

Entomology Lab

The subject deals with understanding the structure and function of insects and their role in agriculture. The lab is having all basic required equipment that are used for collection, analysis and storage of insects. Specimen present helps in understanding their morphological characters and life cycles.

Farm Machinery Lab And Workshop

The lab is well equipped with machines and tools. Students are given demonstration for working and repair of the machinery used in Agriculture

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