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School of Agricultural Sciences

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B.Sc Agriculture

For students looking forward to study the best agriculture courses in Punjab, Desh Bhagat University is the place to be. As the agriculture sector plays a prominent role in the financial, cultural and social life of Punjab, the stream of Agriculture Science makes a great contribution in the development of an energetic as well as naturally sustainable future of agriculture techniques. Thus, in a dire need of meeting the required developments in irrigation techniques, new inventions in crop breeds and increased production, the agriculture science finds a chief place in the educational curriculum as a technical and professional stream.Having an unwavering commitment in quest for rural growth through agriculture education, Desh Bhagat University has started the course of B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.). Offering the best agriculture courses in Punjab, being located in a sylvan environment and equipped with its own agriculture farms, the university has developed a stimulating and remarkable education environment to saturate the quality education in the dynamic students and to sprout capable agri-professionals out of them.

Being a head foundation of agriculture education and research in Punjab, focussing not only on offering the best agriculture courses in Punjab, DBU strives hard to ingrain excellence and innovation in the stream with a target to make agricultural education competent to meet the fluctuating and progressing needs of the sector and the farming community specifically. The University School of Agriculture Sciences has adopted a completely metamorphosed pedagogy as per the latest development in various fields of Agriculture and a faculty of the most professional and most experienced personalities of various disciplines of agriculture education. Along with this, the department of Agricultural Sciences has been enriched with well-equipped laboratories, digital library, Hi-tech classrooms and farm facilities. The university not only aims at delivering theoretical education in B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.), but practical skills also. In this regard, agriculture workshops equipped with various agriculture field equipments and various programmes have been conducted by the agriculture department on the farms facilitated by the university itself. With the focus on every individual student, the agriculture courses curriculum is constantly revised to meet the demands of latest developments in agriculture.

B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture 

Vision of the Department: To create globally recognized competent Agriculturist and Scientists to work in multi oriented and challenging environment.

Mission of the department:

M1:To impart quality education, for enhancement of skills for progression in career and higher education according to their area of interest.

M2:To set up a student centered learning atmosphere and develop a research facility for graduate level to inculcate research attitude in students for innovations.

M3:To make collaboration with industries, distinguished research institution and to become a centre of excellence.


Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1:Graduates of the program will accommodate insightful information of Agriculture principles necessary for the applications of Agriculture.

PEO2:Graduates of the program will acquire knowledge of recent trends in technology and solve problem in industry and farmers.

PEO3:Graduates of the program will have practical experience and interpersonal skills to work both in local and international environments.

PEO4:Graduates of the program will possess creative professionalism, understand their ethical responsibility and committed towards society.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

The students will demonstrate the abilities

PSO1:Real world application:To comprehend, analyze, design and develop innovative products and provide solutions for the real-life problems.

PSO2:Multi-disciplinary areas:To work collaboratively on multi-disciplinary areas and make quality projects.

PSO3:Research oriented innovative ideas and methods:To adopt modern techniques, advanced Agro meterological methods, scientific and organic fundamentals required to solve industrial and societal problems.



Students graduating with the B.Sc. Agricultural Science degree should be able to acquire

PO-1 Agriculture knowledge: Apply the knowledge of horticulture, Agronomy, organic and sustainable agriculture, and integrating pest management to the solution of Agriculture related issues.

PO-2 Analysis of complex problems: To understand and analyze the current events and issues that are occurring in agriculture and how they affect futuristic agriculture. Able to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills as they apply to a variety of animal and or plant production systems .To understand problem solving skills in crop production and animal husbandry.

PO-3 Modern tool usage: Select and apply advanced techniques, resources and IT tools for prediction weather. Knowledge of Weather codes and Symbols, Reading and Recording of weather and climatic data. To get trained for climatologically records, soil data and soil nutrition.

PO-4 The Agriculturist and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional Agricultural practice

PO-5 Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional agricultural solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

PO-6 Ethics: To demonstrate research based knowledge of the legal and ethical environment impacting agriculture organizations and exhibit an understanding and appreciation of the ethical implications of decisions. In accordance with high standards of academic integrity (ethics and moral) both in the profession and in society as a whole. To develop competence to work in Government, public and private sectors.

PO-7 Individual and team work: To demonstrate an ability to engage in critical thinking by analyzing situations and constructing and selecting viable solutions to solve problems. Abilities to work effectively with each other. To develops analytical ability and team work spirit.

PO-8 Communication: To demonstrate and understand the impact of globalization and diversity in modern agriculture organizations. Understanding working of SHG, NGO, Govt Extension service agencies. Communicate effectively with the farmer community and with society at large. Be able to comprehend and write effective reports documentation. Make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

PO-9 Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Agriculture and Agri business management principles Understand how all aspects of agriculture combine and are used by scientists, marketers, producers and understand how employer characteristics and decision-making at various levels enhance the success of an agricultural enterprise. To understand components of agri business and economics of market.


PO-10 Entrepreneurship and employability: Able to recognize and examine the relationships between inputs and outputs in their agricultural field to make effective and profitable decisions. To understand the mechanics of agri preneurship. This programme will also help students to enhance their employability for jobs in different sectors.

PO-11 Subject specific knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in horticulture section: The breadth and depth of the profession of horticulture. Basic horticulture biology: taxonomy, anatomy, morphology, and physiology. The characteristics of the environment and their influence on plant growth and development, Current applications of horticultural principles and practices: propagation, pest management, production, maintenance, and business practices. Provide comprehensive knowledge of horticultural production.

PO-12 Life-long learning: To develop critical and self-critical opinion and approach aiming at solving the most important practical problems in the field of sustainable agriculture by applying gained competencies. The graduates will generate a culture of lifelong learning in an inclined environment to achieve personal enrichment and professional ethics.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-I


Course Code:AGR-501

Title of the Course:Principles of Agricultural Meteorology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:The structure of atmosphere and weather elements like: radiation, temperature, air pressure, wind, humidity, condensation, precipitation, evaporation and evapo transpiration and use of agro meteorological tools.

CO2:The impact of change in the weather on the crops and the livestock.

CO3:To study about the weather forecasting and its application in agriculture.

CO4:To study about the Climate of Punjab and India and different agro climatic zone of Punjab and India.

Course Code:AGR-502

Title of the Course:Introductory Agriculture

Course outcomes:

CO1:Students will understand the structure of atmosphere and weather elements like: radiation, temperature, air pressure, wind, humidity, condensation, precipitation, evaporation and evapo transpiration.

CO2:Students will analyze impact of change in the weather on the crops and the livestock.

CO3:Students will able to study about the weather forecasting and its application in agriculture.

CO4:Students will to study about the Climate of Punjab and India and different agro climatic zone of Punjab and India.


Course Code:AGR-503

Title of the Course:Introduction to Soil Science

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Knowledge about soil forming rocks and minerals, their weathering and soil forming processes and climatic factors affect them.

CO2:To be able about physical and chemical properties of soil and their effect on plant’s health.

CO3:To study about the soil temperature and thermal properties; soil air and gaseous exchange.

CO4:To Knowledge about soil Organisms and organic matter-composition, decomposition, mineralization and humus and its fractionation.


Course Code:AGR-504

Title of the Course:Introduction to Computer Application

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Understand the different types of hardware and software

CO2:Understand how computers, computer networks, and the Internet work so as to better utilize them in their lives and to the improvement of society.

CO3:Understand computer history and how it can relate to the future of computing and society.


Course Code:AGR-505

Title of the Course:Communication Skills in English

Course outcomes

CO1:To make the students realize the importance of good oral and written communication skills in professional life.

CO2:To improve a student's self confidence so as to express views and ideas effectively in English through fluent oral and written communication.

CO3:To improve their leadership, public dealing and group discussion skills.

CO4:To boost up their confidence level, communication skills and make them worldly wise.


Course Code:AGR-506

Title of the Course:Environmental Science

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To study about the natural resources: renewable and non renewable resources, forest, water, food, energy and land resources.

CO2:To study about the conservation, global warming and role of forestry in environment protection.

CO3:To study about the effects and management of municipal solid waste and industrial wastes, nuclear hazards and disaster management.

CO4:To study about the Legal and Social issues; The Environment Protection Act 1986 and Rules, The Air Act, 1981students will be able to identify plant vegetative structure.


Course Code:AGR-507

Title of the Course:Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will able understand concept of rural sociology, its importance in agricultural extension, characteristics of Indian rural society.

CO2:Students will able understand social groups, social stratification, culture, social values, social control and attitudes, leadership and training.

CO3:Students will able understand concept of educational psychology, intelligence, personality, perceptions, emotions, frustration, motivation, teaching and learning.

CO4:Students will able acquaint with characteristics of rural society, village institutions and social organizations. Select lay leaders and train them.


Course Code:AGR-508

Title of the Course:Introduction to Statistical Methods

Course Outcomes

CO1:Calculate measure of central tendency and understand its applications.

CO2:Understand the concept of probability and its applications.

CO3:Understand the concept of correlation, its types, various methods for computation and Applications.


Course Code:AGR-509

Title of the Course:Elementary Mathematics

Course Outcomes

CO1:Understand types and operations of Sets.

CO2:Apply rules of permutation and combination in real world problems.

CO3:Calculate sum of finite and infinite terms in AP and GP series.

CO4:Formulate and solve linear programming problems by graphical method.


Course Code: AGR-509

Title of the Course:Introductory Biology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will study about the classification of plants into major groups - Algae, Bryophyes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperm and Angiosperm.

CO2:Students will analyze about the anatomy of plants.

CO3:Students will able to study about the functions of different parts of flowering plants: root, stem, leaf, inflorescence, flower, fruit and seed.

CO4:Students will study about the animal tissues, morphology, anatomy and functions of different systems.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-II


Course Code:AGR-601

Title of the Course:Principles of Agricultural and Production Economics

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To develop an ability to increase the yield of crop and decrease the cost of cultivation.

CO2:To study about the preparation of farm plans and budgets.

CO3:Implementation of different laws of economics in daily life.

CO4:Understand the basic concepts and issues of national income.


Course Code:AGR-602

Title of the Course:Principles of Agronomy

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Study about the different methods of sowing the field crops.

CO2:Knowledge about Indian Agriculture and importance, present status, scope and future prospect.

CO3:Study about the different cropping and farming system.

CO4:Cropping seasons of India. Soil formation, classification, physical, chemical properties. Identification of important crops and crop seeds.


Course Code:AGR-603

Title of the Course:Biochemistry

Course Outcomes:

CO1.Student will be able to understand role of cell organelles, their functions and utility in cell.

CO2.Student will be able to synthesis pathways of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis.

CO3.Student will be able to identify general functions of proteins and enzymes.

CO4.Student will be able to identification of structure and functions of bases and application of plant tissue culture in crop improvement.


Course Code:AGR-604

Title of the Course:Insect Morphology and Systematic

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To study about the insect history and classification of the insects.

CO2:To understand about the body segmentation and function of insect.

CO3:To understand the reproductive system of the insect.

CO4:To understand the different classes of insects.


Course Code:AGR-605

Title of the Course:Fundamentals of Genetics

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Understand basic cell structure and its cycles along with mandolin inheritance available to study genetics.

CO2:Understand the inheritance and mutation along with its characteristic features.

CO3:Understand DNA, RNA and Protein synthesis.

CO4:Understand Gene expressions and evolution of different crop species.


Course Code:AGR-606

Title of the Course:Livestock Production and Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students     will     describe     the     historical     development     in     agriculture.

CO2:Students will understand how to manage the natural resources in a sustainable manner.

CO3:Students will understand and analyze health management and animal farm waste management.

CO4:Students will describe the nutritional requirement of animals, and how to best maintain animals heal than demonstrate management practices.


Course Code:AGR-607

Title of the Course:Elementary Microbiology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To study about the different types of diseases by microorganisms.

CO2:To study about the role of microorganism in agriculture and crop production.

CO3:To understand how the microorganism help in agriculture production.

CO4:To study the different microorganism this helps in agriculture.


Course Code:AGR-608

Title of the Course:Soil profiling and Nutrient Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To be able about the soil fertility and beneficial nutrient elements.

CO2:To study about the soil testing, critical levels of nutrients in soil and plant.

CO3:Students understand the significance of organic manures.

CO4:To develop an ability to make their manures themselves.


Course Code:AGR-609

Title of the Course:Communication Skills and comprehension

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Understand doing self introspection and self-vigilance.

CO2:To develop students writing & speaking skills in a professional context as well as sharpen their critical skills.

CO3:To foster peak team performance and enhance student’s communications as well as personality so that they may come up as per the demand in the market.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-III


Course Code:AGR-701

Title of the Course:Agricultural Finance and Co-operation

Course Outcomes:

CO1:The Student will know about Agricultural finance their nature and scope.

CO2:Students should understand and gain knowledge about commercial banks like World Bank,

Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India and their working.

CO3:They will understand tools of financial management.

CO4:They should able to estimate the credit needs and determining unit cost, preparations and analysis of loan proposals and types of repayment loans.     


Course Code:AGR-702

Title of the Course:Soil, Water Conservation Engineering and Irrigation Water Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To be able about the methods of irrigation, irrigation water quality and its management.

CO2:To study about the drainage and methods of drainage.

CO3:Students understand the significance of leveling and plotting procedure.

CO4:To develop ability to irrigation strategies under limited water conditions.


Course Code:AGR-703

Title of the Course:Crop Production and Improvement Technology (Kharif Crops)

Course Outcomes:

CO1:In the course study about origin, geographical distribution, and economic importance of      Kharif crops.

CO2:In the course study about Soil and climatic requirements, varieties, cultural practices and yield of Kharif crops.

CO3:Analysis of comparative benefits of the different kharif crops.

CO4:Constraints in production of oilseeds and pulses maybe identified through course content.


Course Code:AGR-704

Title of the Course:Principles of Plant Breeding

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To study about the modes of reproduction and their classification.

CO2:To study about the modes of pollination and hybridization.

CO3:To study about the methods of handling of segregating generations.

CO4:To study about the population improvement programmes.


Course Code:AGR-705

Title of the Course:Production Technology of Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Medicinal, Aromatic  Plants

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students understand will Importance of vegetables & spices in human nutrition improved and national economy.

CO2:Students will understand practical knowledge on specialized production techniques of vegetables and spices.

CO3:Students managing skills will be improved for solving field problems.

CO4:To develop an ability to increase the yield of crop and decrease the cost of cultivation.


Course Code:AGR-706

Title of the Course:Plant Pathogens and Principles of Plant Pathology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Student will acquaint about concepts of plant pathogens, major disease causing organisms and their etiology.

CO2:To provide specific knowledge about host pathogen interactions.

CO3:Recognition of plant disease is the first step in doing something about them.

CO4 :To give specific knowledge about environment and disease development.


Course Code:AGR-707

Title of the Course:Problematic Soil and their Management (Elective)

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To provide knowledge about waste land and problematic soils in India and management of the soils.

CO2:Knowledge of different reclamation and management practices for the development of the soils.

CO3:To Understand different factors responsible for saline, sodic and acidic soils.

CO4:Irrigation water – quality and standards and sampling techniques.


Course Code: AGR-708

Title of the Course: Agri Informatics and Nanotechnology (Elective)

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Introduction to concepts in bioinformatics.

CO2:To understand the application to basic principles of biology, computer science and mathematics to address complex biological problems.

CO3:To understand basics of nanotechnology and their applications.

CO4:Introduction to students the new and novel applications to solve problems through nanotechnology.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-IV


Course Code:AGR-801

Title of the Course:Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To develop the ability for higher levels of income form the farm products by reducing the number of middlemen or by restricting the commission on marketing services.

CO2:Students will understand Optimization of Resource use and Output Management.

CO3:To understand the marketing system is essential for the success of the development programmers which are designed to uplift the population as a whole.

CO4:To develop an ability to setup of agro based industries and stimulates the overall development process of the economy.


Course Code:AGR-802

Title of the Course:Weed Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will be acquainted about why to undertake environmental weed control and    their effect on the crop growth.

CO2:To develop the ability to control the weeds by different approaches of weed management.

CO3:To understand the about harmful and beneficial effects of weeds in Agriculture.

CO4:Students will be acquainted planning for weed management and weed management processes.


Course Code:AGR-803

Title of the course: Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management Including Beneficial Insects

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will understand about the nature and habitat of insects.

CO2:Students will understand the different categories of the insect and pest.

CO3:Students will understand the IPM and its effect in agriculture.

CO4:Students will able to study the different method of the reproduction of insect and pest.


Course Code:AGR-804

Title of the Course:Agricultural Extension: Dimensions, Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will understand education; Extension Program planning Meaning, Process, Principles and Steps in program Development.

CO2:Students will knowledge about extension systems in India: Extension efforts in Pre- independence era.

CO3:Students will understand new trends in agriculture extension: privatization extension.

CO4:Students will able to monitoring and evaluation – concept and definition, monitoring, and evaluation of Extension program, transfer of technology- Concept and Models.


Course Code:AGR-805

Title of the Course:Breeding of Field Crops

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will understand the chief objective of plant breeding is to develop such improved varieties of crop plants that will be commercially successful.

CO2:Students will analyze Students understand the significance of hybrids.

CO3:Students will able to study about the significance of inheritance.

CO4:Students will study about the major breeding procedures for development of hybrids/varieties of various crops.


Course Code:AGR-806

Title of the Course:Diseases of Field & Horticultural Crops and Their Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Student will know importance of sign and symptoms for detection of pathogens and disease.

CO2:To develop the ability to get maximum output with optimum utilization of different methods of disease control.

CO3:To understand the use of chemicals in optimum method.

CO4:Student acquire the knowledge about IDM modules of wheat, rice, groundnut, mustard Chickpea etc. and the diseases of horticultural crops.


Course Code:AGR-807

Title of the Course:Crop Production and Improvement Technology (Rabi Crops)

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will understand the chief objective of plant breeding is to develop such improved varieties of crop plants that will be commercially successful.

CO2:Students will study about the different sowing methods.

CO3:Students will able to study about the Hybrid seed production technology of rabi crops.

CO4:Students will study about floral biology, emasculation and hybridization techniques in different crop species.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-V


Course Code:AGR-901

Title of the Course:Rainfed Agriculture

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will know importance of rainfall water. it can be used for a larger area by suitable watershed management techniques.

CO2:To develop the ability to get maximum output with optimum utilization of different methods of moisture conservation.

CO3:To understand the problems of crop production in rainfed farming.

CO4:Student acquires the knowledge about critical stages of life saving irrigations.


Course Code:AGR-902

Title of the Course:Organic Farming, Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture

Course Outcomes:

CO1:The student will be able to explain the major aspects of agricultural practices and traditions through time.

CO2:Students understand the significance of natural resources.

CO3:Students understand the importance of organic farming.

CO4:Students will able to develop an ability to make their organic products themselves.


Course Code:AGR-903

Title of the Course:Social and Farm Forestry

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Management of social forestry plantations.

CO2:A forestation on different problematic sites.

CO3:Maintenance and conservation of village level forest.


Course Code:AGR-904

Title of the Course:Principles of Plant Biotechnology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Student will understand plant tissue culture and genetic engineering.

CO2:Student will study importance of crop improvement.

CO3:To study about the transgenic plant and their applications.

CO4:Student will study synthetic seed production technology.


Course Code:AGR- 905

Title of the Course:Protected Cultivation and Post- Harvest Technology & Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To get knowledge about green -house technology, types of green houses and construction of green houses.

CO2:Course will give the knowledge of Green house equipments, materials of construction for traditional and low cost green houses.

CO3:This course will help the students to learn about Irrigation systems used in greenhouses, shade net house in protected cultivation.

CO4:By this course student get knowledge of post harvest operations like cleaning and grading, moisture measurement.


Course Code: AGR- 906

Title of the Course: Crop and Stored Grain Pests and Their Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will understand biology of insect and non insect pests of different field crops.

CO2:Students willable to identify the symptoms of damage of insects.

CO3:Students will able to study about the different management practices.

CO4:Students will study about the preventive and curative methods for the control of stored grain pests.


Course Code:EDP- 901

Title of the Course:Entrepreneur Development I

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Effectively present business plan for a new initiative.

CO2:Understand phases of entrepreneurial development Program.

CO3:Comprehend the enabling environment &inspiring Agribusiness enterprises.

CO4:Understand the intricacies in preparing an effective Agri-business Plans.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-VI


Course Code:AGR: 1001

Title of the Course:Fundamentals of Agri-Business Management

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will study about the agribusiness and relation to different agriculture branches.

CO2:Students will able to understand how to make balance sheet and its importance.

CO3:Students will understand the agro based industry and marketing of this industry product.

CO4:Students will explain the importance of marketing and management in agri businesses venture.


Course Code: AGR-1002

Title of the Course:Principles of Seed Technology

Course Outcomes

CO1:Students understand the seed production, seed testing and the laws.

CO2:Understand regulations related to marketing high quality seed.

CO3:Develop an understanding of seed development, germination and vigor.

CO4:To develop an ability to increase the yield of crop and decrease the cost of cultivation.


Course Code:AGR-1003

Title of the Course:Renewable Energy and Farm Power Machinery

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will study about the various sources of farm power and their uses.

CO2:Students will understand about working of IC Engines and their uses in modern equipments.

CO3:Students will able to study about bio fuel production and their applications in today’s world.

CO4:Students will study about various parts of tractors and their mechanism.


Course Code:AGR- 1004

Title of the Course:Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Start their own business for floriculture, Landscaping.

CO2:Students able to propagate different flowers from vegetative parts of plant.

CO3:Students learn about principles of gardening and landscaping.


Subject Code:AGR-1005

Title of the Course:Introductory Nematology

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will able to study about economic importance of nematodes.

CO2:Students will understand the biology and ecology of nematodes.

CO3:Students will able to study about symptoms of damage.

CO4:Students will study about the principles and practices for the control of nematodes.

Course Code:AGR-1006

Title of the Course:System Stimulation and Agro Advisory

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To study about the System Approach for representing soil-plant-atmospheric continuum .

CO2:To understand about the Potential and achievable crop production and weather forecasting.

CO3:To understand the Preparation of agro-advisory bulletin based on weather forecast.

CO4:To understand the Simulation with limitations of water and nutrient management options.


Course Code:AGR- 1007

Title of the Course:Technology of Milk and Milk Products

Course Outcomes:

CO1:To study about the Present status of dairy industry in India .

CO2:To study about the role of Nutritional importance of milk.

CO3:To understand composition of milk products.

CO4:To study about the preservation of milk and milk products by physical, chemical, biological and herbal preservatives.


Course Code:EDP-1001

Title of the Course:Entrepreneurship Development II

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Effectively present business plan for a new initiative.

CO2:Understand how entrepreneurial skills can foster their career and personal development.

CO3:Comprehend the enabling environment & institutional support for Agripreneurship.


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-VII

RAWE Training


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Semester-VIII


Course Code:AGR-1201

Title of the Course:IPR, Food Safety and Standard

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Critically evaluates information on food science and nutrition issues appearing in the popular press.

CO2:Discuss the important pathogen and spoilage microorganism in foods.

CO3:Discuss basic principles and practices of cleaning and sanitation in food preparation operation.

CO4:Identity and explain nutrients in foods and the specific functions in maintaining health.


Course Code:AGR- 1202

Title of the Course:Hi Tech and Commercial Plant Breeding (elective)

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Know about advanced irrigation technologies like micro irrigation.

CO2:Students able to know precision farming, GPS and GIS systems.

CO3:Students learn about breeding of crops and self & cross pollination of crops.


Course Code:AGR- 1203

Title of the Course:Micropropagation Technologies (Elective)

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Students will understand the sterilization techniques.

CO2:Students will understand the significance of somaclonal variation.

CO3:Students will able to study about the Stocks preparation.

CO4:Students will study about the hardening procedures.


Course Code:AGR- 1204

Title of the Course:Agricultural Heritage and Journalism

Course Outcomes:

CO1:Ancient Agricultural Practices & Its relevant to modern agriculture practices.

CO2:Traditional Technical Knowledge.

CO3:To develop need based and skilled based programs for self-employment and entrepreneurship development for the youth in rural areas.

CO4:Our Journey (Developments) in Agriculture and Vision for the Future

Academic Programs

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.)
Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent (minimum 45% Marks) with Chemistry, Physics, English, Agri/Biology, Mathematics.
Duration: 4 Years
(*Proposed Course)
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