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Industrial Exposure, Training and Placements

Industrial Exposure

The students at School Of Pharmacy get an extensive industry exposure by having frequent industrial visits to research labs and manufacturing units. Focus on imparting practical knowledge has been the key priority.

Internship/Industrial Trainings

Aim: To provide comprehensive learning platform to students where they can enhance their employability skills and become job ready along with real corporate exposure.

To enhance students’ knowledge in one particular technology.

To Increase self-confidence of students and helps in finding their own proficiency

To cultivate student’s leadership ability and responsibility to perform or execute the given task.

To provide learners hands on practice within a real job situation.

As per PCI norms, there is one month industrial/ hospital training (desirable) after B. Pharmacy 6th semester and three month hospital training after 2nd year of Diploma in Pharmacy. Most of the students undergo an industrial training within Punjab and nearby states.

Industrial Inclusions (MOUs)

·         Logos Pharma

·         Ipzah Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd

Detail of Meritorious Students of B. Pharmacy

1st semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester5th Semester6th semester
2016-17Prince Bhalla Scored 835/1000 (83.5%)Puneet Scored 838/1100 (75.90%)Anajani Singh Scored 87%Khushboo Kumari Scored 87.3%Khushboo Kumari Scored 684/800 - 85.5%Khushboo Kumari Scored 767/900 (85.2%)
1st semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
2017-18Manvir Singh (SGPA-8.13)Avinash Kumar (SGPA-8.24)Avinash Kumar (SGPA-8.08) 1st semesterDiksha Devi (SGPA-8.21) 2nd Semester
1st semester2nd Semester
2018-19Rahul Rathore (SGPA-8.23)Loveleen Kumar (SGPA-8.45)

Experiential Learning Cell


Department of Pharmacy is committed to developing a confident and professional clinical pharmacist that is prepared for a variety of clinical roles, equipped to be a lifelong learner and driven by innovation and collaboration.

Hospital Visit

  • To promote awareness among functionaries involved in health and hospital management.

  • In respect to this we frequently take our 1st year students of B. Pharmacy and D. Pharmacy to Desh Bhagat Hospital within the university premises.

  • In the hospital, students understand the principle and working of various hospital instruments such as x-ray machines, blood cell counter.

  • Students also monitors the blood pressure and hemoglobin of patients present there. In the laboratory, students get the practical learning on examining the urine and blood samples for blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, total cell count, total leucocytes count, erythrocyte count and prothrombin time.

  • Students understand more about the instruments and the methodologies involved in hospital.

  • Confidence is incorporated and students learnt how theoretical concept is put into action thereby aiding there practical learning.

  • Students are exposed to real working environment and shown how things are done in an organisation.

Community Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy offers the opportunity to serve the society by observing and developing professional skills in major areas of contemporary pharmacy practices including:

  • 1. Observation and delivery of patient care services, including disease management, patient education and pharmaco-therapeutic consultation;

  • 2. Prescription processing, including community, ambulatory and inpatient aspects;

  • 3. Development of pharmaceutical care plans for patient specific problems;

  • 4. Continued development of skills in drug information/informatics and pharmacy consults;

  • 5. Development of student’s verbal presentation abilities within the medical-pharmacy arena;

  • 6. Introduction to basic pharmacy administration in the community and hospital environments;

  • 7. Provision of consultation with other health care professionals regarding patient care or drug-related issues.

  • Community-based health events are a valuable means of training student pharmacists to apply concepts from the classroom to experience in real-world practice scenarios.

  • These events inculcate confidence among students by counseling and educating patients, as well as improve their ability to perform the technical aspects of screening.

  • Community-based health events also promote health and wellness awareness by providing access to personalized health information and screenings for such disease states as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

  • For the profession of pharmacy, health events are an avenue to educate the public on the roles that this profession can play in patient care; from performing point-of-care testing and interpreting test results to providing education about the effects of medications and lifestyle factors on one’s health.

COVID-19 Activities

Students along with faculty of School of Pharmacy in association with PG School of Ayurveda & Research prepared Herbal Sanitizer during COVID-19 to be used by staff and visitors. The herbal sanitizer is also supplied to various retail outlets of medicines in surrounding towns and villages. It is also donated to various charitable trusts/organizations and sarpanches of nearby villages to be distributed among villagers.
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