Planting Trees
A large number of saplings have been planted in a short span of time as we are distributing the medicinal saplings to the people at their door step, free of cost. We urge people to plant at least five saplings each. However, a person can collect any number of saplings from us. The motto of the campaign is IK GHAR IK RUKH (One Tree for Each Family).
Green Future
We visit various Schools and Colleges and distribute saplings, free of cost, among the students with a view create awareness among them about Environment pollution and how they could contribute their bit towards protecting and preserving the Environment. We urge students to motivate others also to plant saplings in their homes, fields and common village land.
Empowering Woman
We endeavor sensitizing the society, especially women themselves, about issues hindering the emancipation of women, disseminating information to them about their rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India and various Acts enacted by Parliament and various State Legislatures for empowering them.
Weeding out social evils
We are pro peace and work very hard towards weeding out social evils like drug abuse, dowry, female foeticide, child labour and child marriage etc. We take on countless rallies and organize numerous Seminars and Workshops with a view to motivate people to be the change themselves contributing to build a ‘Khara Samaj’…