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Ethics in Research
Desh Bhagat University dominatingly conforms to the application of ethics or moral conduct in the research activities that engross the utilization of human subjects. The norms and standards of ethics are overseen and reviewed by Dean (research and development cell), if the research is conducted by acumen faculty or post graduate students, but the same is conducted under the guidance of dignitary academics if the research is conducted by undergraduate or graduate students as a part of curriculum activities. The research ethics committee constituted under the esteemed supervision of the dean (research and development cell) ensures that the research at all levels in DBU is led in accordance with the most elevated moral norms to avoid any kind of exploitation of living members of society involved in the research directly or indirectly.

The office at research and development cell and the research ethics committee implement various regulatory and scholarly units to ensure that all the research activities including living individuals must be endorsed by and administered under the patronage of the University. The Research Ethics committee at DBU and its affiliated teaching hospitals assure that research is drafted and undertaken to safeguard the privileges, well-being and seclusion of research members.

Generally, the evaluative measures, for example, quality certification studies, execution audits or testing inside regular instructive requirements and the research including just the utilization of distributed or freely accessible data or materials don’t require the involvement of any living personality. So, the research in these matters doesn’t comply with the regulations of ethics codes. The research peripheries including living individuals and complying ethics and morality code incorporate:

• Grasping statistics of a living being through intercession or communication with the individual, or the receiving of his/her life’s confidential and delicate data
• Secondary utilization of information that contains distinguishing data of a living personality, or information association through which a living personality may be identified having some certain character or traits
• Naturalistic perception
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